The Fourth Floor Apartment
The Fourth Floor Apartment has a fantastic view over the ocean and the southern Island. Two sides of it are half open but bamboo blinds can be rolled down against wind and rain and the rainwater that get´s around the blinds will go towards the bathroom because of the built in slope of the floor. So you have to consider that you are hearing everything around including "Cultural Highlights" of the Philippines: The all-present chicken, the dogs and the motorbikes. Or simply bring earplugs. In the Fourth Floor Apt. you will rarely need the orbital ceiling fan since really windless days are very rare on Boracay. You may also use a sitting place in the garden in front of the house overlooking the ocean.
June to October only 2990 Peso, otherwise 3990 Peso per night except christmas and chinese new year, these rates see start page.
SPECIAL DEAL: 2500 Peso for 2 persons per night at ALL DATES but ONLY UNTIL the Apartment is booked by someone else at the regular rate and there is no other vacant Apartment left where you might transfer into! Plus electric usage. This walk-in price can not be fix booked ahead.