Getting here:

Ideal is a flight that arrives in Manila early enough so you can skip the unnecessary experience of having to stay overnight there and may continue the same day. Upon arrival at the Intl. Airport NAIA Terminal 1 when going to the Immigration it is a good idea to tell them if you like to stay longer than the free 30 or less days that you want to pay it right there in advance. If that is not possible they will tell you if you can pay that there on your departure. That is much more convenient and also cheaper than having to extend your stay at another Immigration office here on Boracay! To the right after customs you might want to change some money into Philippine Peso at one of the several bank counters there. The exchange rates there are always better than abroad. Then you have to take a taxi cab for around 100 Peso (the clever ones will go up to the departure level to catch a taxi there since the taxis they want to sell you there at the arrival level with a written voucher are overpriced). Insist to have the taxi's meter switched on to prevent cheating, if the driver rejects that, get immediately out of the taxi, no matter where and take another one, there are thousands of them. For that case it is ideal to have your luggage INSIDE the taxi next to you so he does not have a chance to drive off with your belongings. All our customers complain that the cheating starts right after arrival at the airport. Or, ONLY if you really have lots of time take from the arrival Terminal 1 the free shuttle bus service to take you to your inland departure airport, Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines) or 3 (Cebu-Pacific) or 4 (old domestic Airport, Air Asia) of the NAIA which is NOT within walking distance.
You have to book your domestic flight as far ahead as possible to get very cheap prices which change daily/hourly so you need some time to find the best deal which can be as low as 500 Peso to Kalibo PLUS various fees and taxes. Look here: OR OR to either fly to:

Kalibo Airport which has the advantage generally lower airfares but the disadvantage of an about 1,5 hr bus ride to Caticlan ferry terminal, the jump-offpoint to Boracay,

OR to:

Caticlan Airport which has the advantage of landing within walking distance (with light luggage) and the disadvantage of generally high airfares.
These Airlines seem to make their profits by their additional fees and overweight charges. Make sure you book your correct luggage weight or better more at that time, later on the check-in counter they will rip you off for each addtl. kilo.

Consider that the last boat from Caticlan to Boracay is leaving around 10 PM so do not book a flight that arrives late. Same on your return flight. Make sure you have really plenty of time to reach your international return flight since really everything is possible here!! The first Boat from Boracay to Caticlan goes at around 5 AM and you have to be at the Airport checkin really 1 hr before your flight. Otherwise you might have to stay overnight in Kalibo (which you surely want to prevent after visiting Kalibo) since getting there from our place takes up to 3 hours. But if you book your Airport transportation through this does not apply to you since Southwesttours will make sure you will reach your destination in time.
Generally you don't have to carry anything more than sandals, shirts and shorts, it is always warm here and clothes here are surely cheaper than abroad. Carried along winter clothes are just unnecessary weight.
At you may book your transportation from the airport directly to us. A more detailed instruction you will get in our welcome email IF we have your email address. That prevents you from being cheated several times on your way to us and they will also bring you here on very late or delayed flights with their own ship!
You don't need a car or motorbike here, from our eastern 2,1 KM long beach it´s only 650 meters across the Island to the 4 KM long western beach and for 10 to 150 Peso you might reach every spot on the only 6,8 KM long Island per Tricycle.
The best way to get cash with always the best exchange rate is by one of the ATM for Visa or MasterCard here, however the withdrawal limits set by the banks for each transaction are only up to 10000 Peso and they charge an extra-rip off fee of 200 Peso per transaction. Also your bank should not charge too high fees per transaction since you need many transactions to withdraw sufficient funds.
You may buy food here everywhere; there are even two delicacy shops here, one of them seems to sell prepacked foods that are about 10% below the stated weight. The tap water on Boracay has drinking water quality so no water bottles carrying necessary! That is the big advantage to nearly all other Destination within the Philippines!
Best time to travel here is of course the winter of the northern hemisphere from November to March. From March on the temperatures here rise, the wind that until then quite sure blew away all clouds turns from Northeast to South until diminishing in June (only then you need Fan or Air conditioning in our place) and then after a few back- and forth moves blows from Southeast and brings clouds and also rain and typhoons. This is the local rainy season which of course is incomparable to the European constant-rainy season with immediately cooler temperatures. Here the temperatures stay the same, it never gets below 26° warm even in a storm and after a while the sun is out again. So if you want to make sure you don't have to feel cold during your vacation: come here, no matter what time of the year. See happy people instead of grim looking cold feeling folks! After being here once you will ask yourself why you didn't come sooner, but prevent to stay in Manila because there you will think: what am I doing here?! If you stay here during the winter you can finance a great part of your stay by the heating costs and health insurance you saved at home. If you are retired, did you ever consider moving here and leave all the hassle behind? Your pension will last much longer here at these prices and the girls here are much prettier than where ever you came from.
Besides sunbathing, swimming or just doing nothing there are many more activities on Boracay: scuba diving, snorkelling, beach hopping, golf on a 19 hole golf course, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, gym, spa, motor biking, horse riding, beach volleyball and football, and (not worthwhile) bat cave tours, tennis, yoga, wall climbing, internet free in your apartment, kite boarding and windsurfing including instructions right down here on the beach, parasailing, helicopter flights, jet ski, bananaboat riding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, sail boating, bicycling and Aquascooting rented from us and of course lots of beautiful girls all around.