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Sunrise Palais Boracay: Relax in individual European standard Apartments integrated in our own residential Villa, each with it´s own gangway so nobody is disturbed by others.The perfect place in a beautiful tropical surrounding only about 100 meters away from the beach with oceanview from all Apartments overlooking Boracays eastern 2,1 KM long white beach watersportsbay.
Located high enough on a slope to be guaranteed Tsunami safe! A 10 minute walk across the here 650 m wide Island takes you to the busy and sometimes overcrowded 4 KM long western White Beach with drumming speakers and many sweatting people, best to enjoy in the cooler late afternoon.

All our Apartments have:

Ocean breeze, ocean view and sunrise view.
a kitchen with refrigerator and 3-flame (4.Floor: 2 flame) gas stove without a potentially dangerous gas bottle in the room,
Bathroom with hot and cold shower. We are proud to mention that our toilets are equipped with a seat and even a seat cover! At some other places here it would be a good idea to carry a toilet seat with you.....
Electric outlets that accept European round plugs and slotted US plugs, 220 Volt
automatic emergency LED-ceiling lights
21inch cable TV but only until the last one failed. We will neither repair again nor buy this Chinese made garbage anymore.
A bed for two persons with spring mattress and mosquito net (but you will need the net only if there should be no wind at all during the summer months),
A safe deposit box in the room, except in the Poolapartment
A big ceiling fan, Poolapartment and 4th Floor: orbital ceiling fan
All Apartments except the Poolapartment and 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor also offer A/C but you will need that only in summer if there should really be no wind at all.
Bamboo blinds that can be rolled down on windy or rainy days on the duplex south apartment and 4th floor apartment,
Folding doors (except at the Poolapartment, third and fourth floor apt.) covering the whole front of the apartment can be fully opened WITH THE HELP OF THE CARETAKER ONLY PLEASE!
Grill spot behind the house in the garden.
For your and our security: An always locked gate and least 2,40 m high glass topped and barbwired enclosing wall with electic wire
to continue to be burglar-free (all our neighbors had been burglarized already, some with burglars searching the belongings of the guest while
they were sleeping in the same room! Our dog, which is electronically confined to our level and therefore can´t bother you, immediately
notices when somebody is loitering outside the wall.

Guest pool about 10 by 2 m and 1,4 m deep, THIS IS NOT A NON-SWIMMERS POOL! Temperature always about 2 degree lower than air temperature.
Important for Tsunami-Survivors to remember: Guaranteed Tsunami safe! Money-back guarantee if you die on our premises because of a Tsunami!;-)


Apartment rental prices Sunrise Palais Boracay for 2 persons per night:

Jun 01 to Oct 31, 2015 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 1990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 2990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 3990 PHP

Nov 01 to Dec 19, 2015 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 2990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 3990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 4990 PHP

Dec 20 to Dec 29, 2015 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 3990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 4990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 5990 PHP non-refundable booking

Dec 30 to Jan 01, 2016 3.Floor 15990 P, Pool Apt. 10990 P Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 18990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 19990 PHP non-refundable booking

Jan 02 to Feb 07, 2016 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 2990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 3990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 4990 PHP

Feb 08 to Feb 14, 2016 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 4990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 5990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 6990 PHP

Feb 15 to May 31, 2016 3.Floor or Pool Apartment 2990 PHP Duplex and 1.Floor Apts. 3990 PHP 4th Floor Apt. 4990 PHP


Further rates same as 2015

Check-in 12 noon, check-out 11:00 AM, late check-out 1/24th of the daily rate for each addtl. hour after 11 AM but only possible if no other guest are expected.

Up to 2 Children up to 7 years per Apartment stay free in the parents bed.

Extra person over 7 years old in extra single bed only in 1. Floor Apartments possible: add 500 PHP

The Poolapartment and the 3. Floor Apartment is also available for long term rent: 39900 PHP per month. Plus security, water (includes gas for hot water and cooking) 150 Peso per m³ and electricity at 15 Peso per Kwh. Ask for Rental Agreement form. The other Apartments for long-term rent upon request.
The monthly and longer term guests get 2 sets of towels and bed sheets and have to wash and clean everything themselves and have to provide their own household stuff like tissue paper and soap as usual in a rental apartment. As a complimentary only a starting outfit will be supplied. It does not include the use of our washing machine, the contents of our refrigerator and the use of the second floor owners level and it´s pool.

4% direct bookers discount through this website for cash transactions secured by Visa or Mastercard, that is what the credit card company would otherwise get. Generally your credit card data is only needed to secure the booking in case of no-show. We will charge your card 14 or 30 days before arrival depending on the applicable cancellation policy with 2000 PHP to make sure the credit card data are valid and correct. The remaining amount you have to pay in cash on the arrival day or the next day thereafter.

SPECIAL DEAL WALK-IN PRICES: 2500 Peso (Poolapartment/3. Floor Apt. only 1500 Peso) for 2 persons per night at ALL DATES but ONLY UNTIL the Apartment is booked by someone else at the regular rate and there is no other vacant Apartment left where you might transfer into! Plus water and electric usage, see below. Can not be fix booked ahead, just ask and/or walk-in. No further discount on these rates.

Contrary to booking thru some of our agents DIRECT bookers may change/extend your booking dates/Apartments if we have vacancies (except Dec. 20 to Jan.5). 15 days cancellation policy from March 1 to October 31 and 30 days cancellation policy from November 1 to December 19 and Jan. 2 to February 28.
No refunds if cancelled below these limits.
If the guest did not appear until 6 PM of the day after the booked arrival day and also did not contact us we consider the booking cancelled without refund.

FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT us thru info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com or call from abroad 0063362884424 or 00639497505075, (please consider that we are ahead 7 or 8 hours Greenwich Mean Time), from the Philippines 0362884424 or 09497505075, from Boracay 2884424 or 09497505075.

On monthly rentals there is a safety deposit of one month rent required to make sure things don't disappear or get destroyed or you may leave your passport as security in our safe. It will be paid/given back on the end of your stay if everything is okay on checkout.

Each apartment has it's own electric and water meter (except Pool Apartment and 4th Floor Apartment), but only on monthly rates and the special deal you have to pay per kilowatt hour about 15 Peso, one cubic meter water 150 Peso, that includes gas for cooking and the water heaters. 1 € is about 55 Peso, 1 US $ about 40 Peso.

Wireless LAN really high speed LTE Internet connection with up to 42 Mbps is included in the rent.


You may store things on our attic up to the size of a motorbike or bicycle or windsurfequipment, storage cost is 1000 P per month or 33,33 P per day, 12000 P per year and is free of charge if you check in here (again). However, no liability taken for your belongings.

All Apartments are built as crevices free as possible to be free from the otherwise usual Cockroaches here, there is no ceiling covering or palm leaves roofs where these insects hide during the daytime and from where they fall down to your bed at night time for your "enjoyment".... Consequently, there are also no wood eater droppings constantly falling into your food and bed from native ceilings. These are the advantages of concrete buildings here besides being safe during Typhoons.
No chaotic, messy people or drinkers, no religious brainmalfunctioneers /extremists, no suizide bombers with dynamite belts. No smoking inside Apartments to prevent burn stains, smoke stink and keeping you from cremating yourself in and with our beds, leaving us with the disposal costs of your ash and the renovating costs... ;)

If you like to live in an always warm country with many nice girls you are invited to buy the whole compound for only 1,9 million Euro when and if at all the Euro has been stabilized.

Because we are unable to find a liability insurance company in the Philippines that would pay more than only between 125 US $ / 100 € (yes, that is no typing error!) to 2500 US $ / 2000 € in case of bodily injury to you we have to insist that you agree to this waiver, booking constitutes your agreement:

Liability waiver
Exclusion of certain rights to sue

Guest hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rental Agent and their agents, owners, successors, employees and contractors from and against any costs, damages, liabilities, claims, legal fees and other actions for any damages, costs, attorneys fees incurred by Guest, permitted guests, visitors or agents, representatives or successors of Guest due to any claims relating to destruction of property or injury to persons or loss of life sustained by Guest or family and visitors of Guest in or about the Property and Guest expressly agrees to save and hold above mentioned persons harmless in all such cases.


Guest hereby waives and releases any claims against Rental Agent, the Property owner and their successors, assigns, employees or representatives, officially or otherwise, for any injuries or death that may be sustained by Guest on or near or adjacent to the Property, including any common facilities, activities or amenities. Guest agrees to use any such facilities or amenities entirely at the Guest’s own initiative, risk and responsibility.

If you disagree you may cancel your booking until 30 days before arrival date without any cost since we will not bear any liability risk.

Known places/situations of risk on the premises of Sunrise Palais Boracay are:

Swimming pool(s) for drowning,

Stairs and gangways and all tiled floors that become slippery when wet,

Do not touch rotating fan blades, they will cut off your fingers!

Not obeying "Beware of Dog" signs on stair and gangway leading to 2nd Floor owners level. (The dog can freely roam ONLY on that level but is electronically restraint from going up/down.)

Glass topped and barb-wired enclosing walls of the compound with 10000 volts electric wire on top. (Non-lethal because of only millisecond impulses.) This and the reputation of our dog gives us and you safety and kept us burglarfree until now, contrary to our neighboring rental establishments.

Contrary to many others on the Island we are a Department of Trade & Industries registered business under the name of Sunrise Palais Boracay with Mayors Permit # 3328 and Bureau of Internal Revenues Tax Identification # 937556898000. Our buildings are built with a legal building permit # 050800101 and even had a static calculation to make sure they will not collapse on us and you. There are some other buildings here that are swaying in strong wind.....

Except as otherwise indicated, the Website, and all text, images, marks and other content contained herein, including all designs, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, sound files, other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof are the proprietary property of SunrisePalais Boracay and are protected by international copyright laws. All contents of this Website are: ©2015 SunrisePalais Boracay. All rights reserved. Since there are some local plagiates who try to sell our Apartments without our permission: SunrisePalais Boracay is not responsible for content of websites operated by parties other than sunrisepalaisboracay.com
Or use this YouTube Video link SunrisePalais Boracay - The whole compound-
Bicyclerental available: German made stainless steel 26" and 28" bikes with 5/7/8 gear Shimano/Sachs hubshift units, easy one-lever shifting, front handle bar brake and rear pedal brake, grocery basket. 199 Peso per hour, 12 hours from 6:00 to 18:00: 999 Peso.

Aquascooterrental available: 1999 Peso for 1 hour, 4999 Peso for 3 hours, 8999 Peso for 6 hours.

Rental agreement with credit card data required as security.

Familienfreundliche Ferienhäuser und Ferienwohnungen Visayas, Philippinen und weltweit. Vermieter inserieren kostenlos.


And here they are, several cheaters and guests that managed to sneak out without paying their bill and our former agents who kept some money for themselves:

Timothy Mc Brown, black, US-citizen, stayed here Feb. 3 and 4, 2014, sneaked out before 6 AM in the dark and did not pay 1000 Peso (only 17 €) for room upgrade.

Naif ALQahtani, 31311 Al-Ahsa, Al Hasa, Saudi-Arabian citizen, Email vip66688814@gmail.com stayed here Oct. 13 to 15, 2014 and got a special half price rate of only 2500 Peso for 2 days. He was very friendly, told me even "that I am his brother" to achieve what he wanted. He said that he will leave on Oct. 15 around
4 pm and if he can leave his baggage in the Apartment until then. I agreed but he did not show up until then. Around 10 PM he had been there but left again. At 3 AM on October 16, 2014 he was sleeping in the Apartment again. So which Allah-believing Muslim will cheat his "brother"
(me) and not pay for an additional night? But the Allah-believing must not be so serious since he sneaked out before 6 AM in the dark and did not pay 2490 Peso for his 3. night stay. What archaic penalty has the Islam for that, cutting off of his hand or head or stoning maybe?? No wonder that
nobody likes Muslims, with this behaviour it just became one more: Your "brother", but I will revert that if he paid..... I asked him by email if he does not feel ashamed having to cheat "his brother" for a mere 55 US $.

Tony Dunne, born 02-09-1991, of 4 Monastry Rd., Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland, Passport # PE2265970 email dunne.tonytt@gmail.com and Bobby-Joe Wileman, born 01-13-1988, British, Passport # 513886321 email bobby.wileman@hotmail.co.uk left without paying a final amount of 10500 Peso for 3 nights from Jan. 10 to 13, 2015.
They had carried out already at night their backpacks when they told us on Jan. 12 that they need their passports again which we were holding as security to get the money from Western Union where they frequently received small amounts of money. They disappeared without paying, leaving a totally messed up Apartment and a drug pipe behind.
We reported the case to the police including the drug pipe. They will send the case to the British Embassy in Manila which will forward it to their home towns. What they did not leave behind was the door and the gate key, that adds another 1500 Peso to their debt. Additionally we had to change the gate lock with keys, adding another 5000 Peso to their debt.

As soon as you paid your debt your name will be removed from this website.

Todd Nation, Vacation Consultant, BORACAY+63 917 502 7681, Onboracay.com, hotelsonboracay.com, boracayvacationrental.com

Todd Nation, born 1977, U.S. citizen of New York, N.Y. +1-917-902-4186, in 2012 acted as one of our agents to rent out our Apartments. The 4200 US $ rental of a certain Vince O. that became his last rental with us he did not fully pay, there are 832 US $ remaining to be paid. This guest Vince O. certified to us in writing with his signature: "I paid to Todd Nation the sum of 4200 US $ for 5 Apartment rent from Dec. 24 to 31, 2012 at Sunrise Palais. I booked only this Sunrise Palais, nothing else. Signed Vince O. , Dec.31, 2012, followed by his emailaddress." Todd Nation pretends that he does not have to pay that fully because he shifted people which rented these rooms earlier (with only 2 overlapping days) to another location, at the same time he admits that he, the rental agent is responsible for that, and he also stated the amount of 130490 PHP he would pay but later simply decided not to pay anymore, see emails below. We tried to have him appearing at the local barangay kapitan of Boracay for several months but he always let his housemaids deny that he is living there where the barangay officials tried to deliver their notes, also because his business operation is illegal and not registered with the Philippine authorities (and possibly also not with the U.S. authorities like Internal Revenue Service etc.) like Barangay Mayor, Dept.of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Internal Revenue and many more. Finally, on Feb. 20, 2014 he did appear there because one week later they would have arrested and brought him there. The barangay kapitan tried to negotiate between us and during that he was so kind to offer to hit me in my face right there in the barangay office in presence of the barangay kapitan and her two secretaries. He continued denying that he has an unpaid debt to us because he shifted these guest around and also thinks that he could rent out our Apartments at any archieveable price above the agreed 600 $ for his own profit only. Since he complains that I am spreading bad things about him about not paying his debts I made it public now here so everybody may just read below to judge the case. Funny is also his "ethical" falsifying of a current offer at Flipkey (flipkey.com/boracay-vacation-rentals/p350315/ if removed by Flipkey because we complained there you may still ask us for a screenshot) with a review meant for our Villa and not-so-funny anymore the fraud attempt of trying to collect for Apartments he did not have available in our Villa. The latest emails are on top, reading that is enough since I mentioned all relevant things in there but if you want to enjoy only a few of the many other emails he is bombarding us with you may read on. We removed the names and emailaddresses of the other guest for their privacy. I will update it here with more of his replies and remove the whole case as soon as he paid 832 US $ to us, so enjoy it as long as it is still here:

Latest email of October 22, 2014, now he is calling for help from mama and papa instead simply paying his debt:

I take the act of Slandering my good name seriously and you should be aware of this. If you continue to bad mouth me, you will find yourself, in a real court with real legal fees and consequences. Both of my parents are retired attorneys with the worlds largest law firm Baker and Mckenzie and have
access to an branch office in Manila. Your money issues and very nature is petty. I emplore you to find it in your heart to accept the truth Which is that you were dealt with fairly and I ask that you rely on common sense rather than emotion to guide you hence forth,
Best Wishes

PS an apology would also be welcome and a retraction of any comments you have made to those closest to you.

Todd Nation
Vacation Consultant

BORACAY+63 09 989 542904
hotelsonboracay.com <http://goog_1063324094>

Am 2/22/2014 03:43 PM, schrieb info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com:
> My ever-dearest Todd:
> You wrote correctly below: "Whenever you upgrade or move a guest it is the responsibility for the booking agent to find a new home of equal or higher value."
> There we agree and that means that you are also responsible for any financial things out of that. Additionally, you also made more profit from the later booking so there is no reason not to pay our 75%.
> Interesting is to know how your "ethical business operation" explains the use of a false review ("amazing" and written for our villa) on a house that in the only other review was reviewed "terrible" (EDIT: See below, Flipkey removed his falsely (but ethically??) used review on Oct. 30,2014) and what about the Graham Co... case of still renting out our Apartments without being authorized anymore to do so and without having the intended Apartments for rent available?
> There you went just before payment would be initiated.
> Excerpt from your other email (try to include all in one email, I am loosing track if you write 4 answers for one of mine and also from different email accounts): "BTW I don't dislike you , I find you kind of charming and funny. But I don't think this matter of you speaking ill about me to people is very nice and I really don't like this action. I live on a very small island and I want to have a good relationship with everyone. Even you !"
> Also here I agree with even you! As soon as you paid the remaining 832 US $ the public making of this case so others can judge it by themselves will not happen (or, if paid later, be removed). Isn´t it silly by not paying a mere 832 $ to destroy the possibility to get that money back and even earning more my renting out our Villa? Simply pay it and everything is OK again, no bad feelings anymore.
> A friendly hint: Don´t let people laugh about your offers, they look much more professional if there are no spelling errors and especially no "Costumers" mentioned or the people might think they have to appear in a special mardi gras costume.....
> Your Dearest Sweet and Silly Lou.....
> Am 2/21/2014 04:39 PM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>> Dearest Sweet and Silly Lou,
>> maybe you are in the habit of booking something and then replacing an existing booking as it fits your financial needs and damn the guest. I don't work that way. When a guest has a reservation I honor that reservation. Period .The only exception to this would be if the guests agree to be upgraded or moved. And in this case those 2 nights represented 1600+usd as it fell on new years . Whenever you upgrade or move a guest it is the responsibility for the booking agent to find a new home of equal or higher value. This is how all ethical hospitality businesses operate. Perhaps in Germany they don't understand ethics but only money. However, in my universe and in the long term both ethics and money go hand in hand. Im sorry that you fail to grasp these concepts or perhaps you do and you are just not an ethical person.
>> On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 3:06 AM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>> My dear Todd:
>> The booking you are referring to in your email from Oct. 23, 2012 is from Dec. 29, 2012 to Jan. 4, 2013. The booking in question that you did not pay fully was booked thru you on Nov. 17, 2012 and is from Dec. 24 to 31, 2012. There is an overlap of only 2 days so everybody in his right mind will of course assume that you do not consider that earlier booking anymore, why and how is your responsibility. It is obvious that both bookings have little to do which each other and that only the final booking Vince O.... counts and has to be paid for by you. If you moved the 2-day overlap guest somewhere else then that is only your problem, not ours and no reason for you telling us that you have to deduct money from the only relevant booking.
>> The only interesting fact that counts is what I wrote to you and you verified to me is further down, I copied it here again for easier reading:
>> "When you Remy made the booking in question with Vince Offer for Dec. 24 to 31, 2012, you personally called me and asked if that booking is OK, I asked you if the price is 600 $ per night and you confirmed that. Since I did not have anything in writing later I had to write you several times to get an answer to make sure that we will get 130690 Peso out of that deal and you or Todd clearly verified that amount here:
>> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 3:31 PM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>> Hello Todd:
>> Let me know details about the Dec. 24 to 31 booking. I hope the below agreed amounts come out, right?
>> (The agreed amount was 600 US $ for all 5 rooms per day)
>> Am 11/17/2012 8:45 PM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>> 24-31st all 5 studios confirmed , no date changes
>> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 10:03 PM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>> OK, and total amount for us is 130690 Peso at 41P/$ and no use of the second floor agreed?
>> (Here you were hesitant to answer, it took you 7 days to answer and the last sentence is what I needed so you could not pull out anymore!)
>> Am 11/24/2012 7:13 AM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>> sorry , for some reason the reply was in draft, and until today my keyboard has been malfunctioning- i ordered a new one 1 month ago and got it today! , remys in manila with the 2 helpers so lots going on . you are correct about the second floor and the pricing"
>> End of the previous emails.
>> And no, we also did not give you a general allotment of all or some rooms you could sell at any price above the agreed price. You had to call for every intended booking and we had to agree to the price and you got 25% of that.
>> Since you are telling us that we are spreading lies on Boracay about you not paying your debt, we will display the above emailconversation including Vince O.´s statement on our website sunrisepalaisboracay.com with your full name and addresses of your known websites. Then others might judge who is right and who not.
>> I will also add the fraud attempt with Graham C. so people can judge you correctly.
>> I will also notify the Philippine BIR and DTI and Boracay Mayors office about your illegal business operation without permit here in the Philippines and also the United States IRS.
>> In all my life I never had to do with such a primitive person like you that threatened to hit me in my face even in front of the Barangays Kapitana while trying to negotiate, congratulations!
>> You now have time until Monday, February 24, 2014, 12:00 noon to pay the remaining amount of 832 US $ in cash to prevent the above actions. You will receive an official receipt.
>> While listing "your" (as you still pretend and also before pretended on our villa) "properties" for the authorities I found this listing: http://www.flipkey.com/boracay-vacation-rentals/p350315/ which is a house on Puka beach. One guest reviewed the house and you as terrible and another well-known to us guest and review Camille from Ottawa found it 3x Amazing. No wonder, she meant our villa because that was where she gave the review for, she stayed at our Villa from Feb. 15 to 19, 2012 and paid 1350 US $. You changed the content of that offer, previously our Villa to keep that good review! You had to do that because we threw you out. Hahahaha, Todd and Remy, you are and will always be cheaters!!! Don´t you feel ashamed? Since you are abusing a review of our Villa we will also publish this on our website.
(EDITED OCT. 30, 2014: Flipkey finally removed the falsely used review of Camille Ottawa and moved it where it belongs: To our listing at Flipkey: https://www.flipkey.com/philippines-villa-rentals/p513470/ HOW SHAMEFUL having to use other reviews!)

>> Lou
>> Sunrise Palais Boracay

>> Am 5/2/2013 03:57 PM, schrieb info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com:
>>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>> Betreff: Re: Todd Nations debt of 832 US $
>>> Datum: Thu, 02 May 2013 00:52:05 -0700
>>> Von: Vince O. <vinceo.@squareoneent.com>
>>> An: info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>> Yeah I was the only one who stayed there with my family. I don't remember anything about the $1,000 that he's talking about.
>>> From: "info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com" <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>> Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 13:38:31 +0800
>>> To: Vince O. <vinceo.@squareoneent.com>
>>> Subject: Re: Todd Nations debt of 832 US $
>>> Hello Vince:
>>> OK, because Todd wrote me this nonsense he wrote to you:
>>> "Hi Vince, The owner of the home you stayed in at Boracay is trying to get more money out of me b/c a) he thinks everyone is out to cheat him and b)you signed something stating you paid 4200usd to stay at his place. Im sure you recall me rejecting your offer to rent the home twice. If you recall I told you the home was already booked when u called me. But with the number i set forth of 4200 i told you the house was yours and I would move the existing guests. Since I paid over $1000 of this money to switch these people to a home which had new years open. Please help me set this thunderhead straight and confirm you recall this.
>>> Thanks
>>> Todd Nation"
>>> He never told me that he rented out the house to somebody else, he is just creating that to earn more money. Fact is that only you paid for your stay here and also stayed here. Please verify that to me again.
>>> Regards,
>>> Lou
>>> Am 5/2/2013 1:15 PM, schrieb Vince O.:
>>>> Right well yes I hope you get your money.
>>>> It's not right he's not providing it to you. Next time I'll just go to you directly.
>>>> Best,
>>>> Vince
>>>> From: "info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com" <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>>> Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 12:51:18 +0800
>>>> To: Vince O. <vinceo.@squareoneent.com>
>>>> Subject: Fwd: Todd Nations debt of 832 US $
>>>> Hello Vince:
>>>> Sorry to bother you again with this case. Todd Nation still did not pay until now and even tried to sell our Apartments when he was not allowed anymore. He got so far asking guest to transfer money to him but these guest were also in contact with us directly so we could prevent this fraud, see below.
>>>> What we have is in this case from you is your wire transfer details:
>>>> Completed Wire Detail
>>>> Source Account 9118063... (Checking)
>>>> Amount $4,200.00
>>>> Beneficiary Todd A. Nation
>>>> Beneficiary Account 8-454-00070-7
>>>> Special Instructions Dec 24-31 rental home
>>>> Date 11/09/2012
>>>> Reference Number G0123141416801
>>>> Citibank Reference Number 3140246013
>>>> Set up by O. V. S.
>>>> and you also verified that you stayed only here in the attachment, so there is nothing more to say. He can´t pull out, whatever he will try.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Lou
>>>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>>> Betreff: Re: Your debt of 832 US $
>>>> Datum: Wed, 1 May 2013 12:26:03 -0400
>>>> Von: Todd@boracayvacationrental.com <nationtodd@gmail.com>
>>>> An: info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>>> Lou , my records reflect i over paid you not underpaid, you are a tremendous thunder head who thinks EVERYONE is out to cheat you. You got this one wrong and you are making yourself look like a bigger and bigger arse than you already are. I didn't think that was achievable. Ill send you my flight details when i book a return flight:)
>>>> On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 9:34 AM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>>>> Hello Todd:
>>>> No answer, so we guess you want the arrest. Will be done directly at Kalibo or Caticlan Airport upon your return in October.
>>>> Lou
>>>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>>> Betreff: Your debt of 832 US $
>>>> Datum: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 08:49:52 +0800
>>>> Von: info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>>> An: todd nation <nationtodd@gmail.com>, todd nation <nationtodd@yahoo.com>
>>>> Hello Todd:
>>>> Now we have to continue with our 832 US $ still due to us.
>>>> We have these options:
>>>> 1. All of us meeting at the Barangay captain to resolve this case, that does not make sure that you will finally also pay us. Both parties have to bring their Mayors permit, BIR and DTI registration so don´t forget yours.
>>>> 2. We go to the police and file a case against you. They will immediately come and arrest you until you paid. You also have to keep your permits on hand.
>>>> This option we don´t really like to do to you, you are not that bad, maybe just mixed up all the bookings. But if you don´t leave us any choice, what can we do? So we will proceed with option 2.
>>>> So the decision is yours, let us know.
>>>> Below is the whole conversation that clearly shows that we are right, there is nothing more to say to defend you.
>>>> Easiest way is to simply pay the 832 $ now.
>>>> Lou
>>>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>>> Betreff: Re: Your debt of 832 US $
>>>> Datum: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:07:17 +0800
>>>> Von: info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com>
>>>> An: Todd@boracayvacationrental.com <nationtodd@gmail.com>
>>>> Hello Remy:
>>>> About the Vince O. case:
>>>> When you Remy made the booking in question with Vince O. for Dec. 24 to 31, 2012, you personally called me and asked if that booking is OK, I asked you if the price is 600 $ per night and you confirmed that. Since I did not have anything in writing later I had to write you several times to get an answer to make sure that we will get 130690 Peso out of that deal and you or Todd clearly verified that amount here:
>>>> "Am 11/24/2012 7:13 AM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>>>> sorry , for some reason the reply was in draft, and until today my keyboard has been malfunctioning- i ordered a new one 1 month ago and got it today! , remys in manila with the 2 helpers so lots going on . you are correct about the second floor and the pricing
>>>> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 10:03 PM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>>>> OK, and total amount for us is 130690 Peso at 41P/$ and no use of the second floor agreed?
>>>> Am 11/17/2012 8:45 PM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>>>> 24-31st all 5 studios confirmed , no date changes
>>>> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 3:31 PM, info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com <info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com> wrote:
>>>> Hello Todd:
>>>> Let me know details about the Dec. 24 to 31 booking. I hope the below agreed amounts come out, right?"
>>>> So far with the debt of 832 US $ out of the Vince O. case. See attachment for his verification of the case.
>>>> About your intended fraud with Graham C. where you say you did not intend to work with us anymore but strangely updated your booking calendar for our house on Jan. 16 on Flipkey.com and just wrote him this yesterday:
>>>> "On 30 Jan 2013, at 18:00, Luxury Vacations <rentyourholiday@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hello Graham,
>>>> The dates was reserved but not paid, now are available for you.
>>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 9:25 PM, Graham C. <grahamec.@me.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi!
>>>> Are you sure the apartment is vacant on these dates?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Graham"
>>>> After that he would have paid in advance for something that you do not have available for him. To me that is clearly fraud.
>>>> And remember that I am not the only one who cancelled the business relationship with you, just think about B. Boracay/R. and T. The other ones only you know.
>>>> This is the truth and that is very clear and there is nothing more to say except we still have to get 832 US $ out of that. Just pay that and everything is fine.
>>>> I live by not doing to others what I do not want them to do to me: Cheating. And until now, it always worked best, no problems to solve, no anger and a happy life!
>>>> Lou
>>>> Surnise Palais Boracay
>>>> Am 1/31/2013 8:34 AM, schrieb Todd@boracayvacationrental.com:
>>>>> LOu,
>>>>> This is Remy. Firstly, thank you for cancelling those listings for us I have been meaning to but I just haven't got a chance, you see we have been paying for it while we don't have the intention in working with you (thus, we haven't been sending anyone your way although we have been getting inquiries cause really it's no point working with you) - so you actually did as a favor.
>>>>> Secondly, you can say whatever you want but we have never cheated in anyone and have been very fair but you will never know that isn't it? because you refuse to look at the truth. I have look at the paper work and it's simply not for you to claim it's yours.... You're one that's not being fair... you think we should pay for the listing which by the way is not cheap, do all the work, accommodate and make everyone happy including you and at the end of the day you should claim our profit, you think that's fair??? Why don't you just go ahead, come to our house, claim everything and everyone in our house including my son they're yours - simply because your name was mentioned.
>>>>> Lastly, stop already we don't owe you money - be happy that we don't work with anymore like you said.
>>>>> If you think harassing us with your letter gets anything accomplished at all it's not, you are just being angry for nothing and meantime we will just continue with our merry ways!
>>>>> “Holding on to anger and resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.”
>>>>> And finally, we conduct our business very fairly and whatever wrong assumptions you have, we don't care!
>>>>> Truly,
>>>>> Remy
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