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5608 Boracay Island
Bulabog Beach, Mount Luho Road 2. bend
Phone 00639497505075
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Sunrise Palais Boracay: Relax in individual European standard Apartments integrated in our own residential Villa, each with it´s own gangway so nobody is disturbed by others.The perfect place in a beautiful tropical surrounding only about 100 meters away from the beach with oceanview from all Apartments overlooking Boracays eastern 2,1 KM long white beach watersportsbay.
Located high enough on a slope to be guaranteed Tsunami safe! Build, owned and operated by a German-Filipino couple. A 10 minute walk across the here 650 m wide Island takes you to the busy overcrowded 4 KM long western White Beach with drumming speakers and many sweatting people, best to enjoy in the cooler late afternoon. Generally you can only endure it on the
western white beach from about 4 PM on and need a room with Aircondition. We lived and sweatted for 11 years on that beach directly on the water. Then it became so noisy there that it was impossible to sleep there peacefully so we built this house here on a slope on the east coast so we don´t have to sweat anymore, the seabreeze can go right thru everywhere. We walk every late afternoon to the western white beach for sunset.

All our Apartments have:
Ocean breeze, ocean view and sunrise view, too,
a kitchen with refrigerator and 3-flame (4.Floor: 2 flame) gas stove without a potentially dangerous gas bottle in the room,
Bathroom with hot and cold shower, heated by an outside mounted gas heater and NOT a here usual life-threatening ungrounded electric chinese heater with only 2 lead wiring where YOU will become the ground lead and die if something goes wrong,
Electric outlets that accept European round plugs and slotted US plugs, 220 Volt
automatic emergency LED-ceiling lights, on in the same split-second the public electricity of the totally unable local electric company fails
A bed for two persons with spring mattress and mosquito net (but you will need the net only if there should be no wind at all during the summer months),
A safe deposit box in the room, bring your own lock since the Chinese "quality" locks all failed and had to be removed.
A big ceiling fan, Poolapartment and 4. Floor Apt.: orbital ceiling fan
All Apartments except the Poolapartment and 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor also offer A/C but you will need that only in summer if there should really be no wind at all.
Bamboo blinds that can be rolled down on windy or rainy days on the duplex Apartments and 4th floor Apartment,
Folding doors (except at the Poolapartment, third and fourth floor Apt.) covering the whole front of the Apartment can be fully opened BUT ONLY WITH THE HELP OF THE OWNER OR CARETAKER PLEASE TO PREVENT VERY COSTLY DAMAGES!
Grill spot behind the house in the garden.

For your and our security: An always locked gate and least 2,40 m high glass topped and barbwired enclosing wall with electic wire to continue to be burglar-free (all our neighbors had been burglarized already, some with burglars searching the belongings of
the guest while they were sleeping in the same room!!) We want to be able so sleep with open doors to enjoy the sea breeze!

Guest pool about 10 by 2 m and 1,4 m deep, THIS IS NOT A NON-SWIMMERS POOL! Temperature always about 2 degree lower than air temperature.
Important for Tsunami-Survivors to remember: Guaranteed Tsunami safe! Money-back guarantee if you die on our premises because of a Tsunami!;-)


Apartment rental prices Sunrise Palais Boracay for 2 persons

D A I L Y R A T E S :

Jan. 02 to Jan. 21, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 2500 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 3000 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 3500 PHP

Jan. 22 to Jan. 31, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 4500 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 5000 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 5500 PHP Chinese New Year, all non-refundable booking

Feb. 01 to Mar. 31, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 2500 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 3000 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 3500 PHP

Apr. 01 to May 31, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 2000 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 2500 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 3000 PHP

Jun. 01 to Sep. 30, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 1500 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 2000 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 2500 PHP

Oct. 01 to Dec. 29, 2020 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 2000 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 2500 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt. 3000 PHP

Dec. 30 to Jan. 01, 2020/21 Poolside or 3. Floor Apartment 9000 PHP Duplex Apts. and 1. Floor East/South Apts. 9500 PHP 4. Top Floor Apt.10000 PHP New Year, all non-refundable booking

Airconditon Duplex Building Apts.+ 300 Peso/night, First Floor East and First Floor South + 500 Peso/night.
That is necessary because the guest let it run 24 hrs. even if the condensed water is running already down the windows and also with doors and windows open. No responsibly taken for power outages of the local electric company!
4. Floor Apt. no A/C possible or needed since open on two sides

Earlier rates 2019 and later rates 2021 same as above except Chinese New Year 2021 rates from Feb. 8 to 16, 2021.

SPECIAL DEAL WALK-IN PRICES: 2500 Peso (Poolapartment 1500 Peso) for 2 persons per night at ALL DATES (EXCEPT Dec. 31, 31 and Jan. 01) but ONLY UNTIL the Apartment is booked by someone else at the regular rate and
there is no other vacant Apartment left where you might transfer into! Plus water 350 P/m³ and electric 15 P/Kwh. Can not be fix booked ahead, just ask and/or walk-in.

Wireless LAN Internet connection is included in the rent.

Up to 2 Children below 7 years per Apartment stay free in the parents bed.

Extra person over 7 years old in extra single bed only in 1. Floor East/South and 3. Floor Apartment possible. Also in 4. Floor Apartment possible and even 2 extra person on a foam mattress on the floor that will be stored under the double bed) possible: add 500 PHP each extra person per night.

These are our lowest rates, no further discounts.

Cancellation policy:

April 1 until October 31: If you cancel up to 15 days before date of arrival the whole amount will be refunded.
November 1 until March 31: If you cancel up to 31 days before date of arrival the whole amount will be refunded. EXCEPT Dec. 20 to Jan.01: All bookings are non-refundable.
No refunds if cancelled below these limits.
If the guest did not appear until 6 PM of the day after the booked arrival day and also did not contact us we consider the booking cancelled without refund.

FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT us through info@sunrisepalaisboracay.com or call 00639497505075, also WhatsApp but please consider that we are + 7 or 8 hours Greenwich Mean Time

M O N T H L Y R A T E S EXCEPT JANUARY / FEBRUARY: ( in thousand Peso)

Only monthly rates plus electricity 15 PHP per Kwh and water 350 PHP per m³, that includes Gas for cooking/water heater (except Pool Apt. and 4. Floor, there water is included)

Months: March April May June July August September October November December

Poolside and 3. Floor Apt. 40,0 35,0 35,0 30,0 30,0 30,0 30,0 35,0 40,0 45,0 except Dec. 30, 31

Duplex and 1. Floor Apt. 45,0 40,0 40,0 35,0 35,0 35,0 35,0 40,0 45,0 50,0 except Dec. 30, 31

4. Floor Apt. 50,0 45,0 45,0 40,0 40,0 40,0 40,0 45,0 50 ,0 55,0 except Dec. 30, 31

Ask for monthly rental contract. Required is security deposit of 1 months rent.

Each apartment has it's own electric and water meter, but only on monthly rates and the special deal you have to pay per kilowatt hour 15 Peso, one cubic meter water 350 Peso, that includes gas for cooking and the water heaters. 1 € is about 55 Peso, 1 US $ about 50 Peso.

Wireless LAN Internet connection is included in the rent. LTE Internet also available, use our LTE router only for you for free, 800 Mb per day maximum, 1000 Peso per month pay the Internet provider directly .


You may store things on our attic up to the size of a motorbike or bicycle or windsurfequipment, storage cost is 1000 P per month or 33,33 P per day, 12000 P per year and is free of charge if you check in here (again). However, no liability taken for your belongings.

All Apartments are built as crevices free as possible to be free from the otherwise usual Cockroaches here, there is no ceiling covering or palm leaves roofs where these insects hide during the daytime and from where they fall down to your bed at night time for your "enjoyment".... Consequently, there are also no Termite droppings constantly falling into your food and bed from native ceilings. These are the advantages of concrete buildings here besides being safe during Typhoons.
Under german-philippino management to make sure nearly everything works in this compound! No smoking inside Apartments to prevent burn stains, smoke stink and keeping you from cremating yourself in and with our beds, leaving us with the disposal costs of your ash and the renovating costs... ;)

If you like to live in an always warm country with many nice girls you are invited to buy the whole compound for 1990000 Euro when and if at all the Euro has been stabilized.

Contrary to many others around us we are a Department of Trade & Industries registered business under the name of Sunrise Palais Boracay with Mayors Permit # 3328 and Bureau of Internal Revenues Tax Identification # 937556898000. Our buildings are built with a legal building permit # 050800101 and even had a static calculation to make sure they will not collapse on us and you.

Except as otherwise indicated, the Website, and all text, images, marks and other content contained herein, including all designs, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, sound files, other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof are the proprietary property of SunrisePalais Boracay and are protected by international copyright laws. All contents of this Website are: ©2019/20 SunrisePalais Boracay.
All rights reserved. Since there are some local plagiates who try to sell our Apartments without our permission: SunrisePalais Boracay is not responsible for content of websites operated by parties other than sunrisepalaisboracay.com
Or use this YouTube Video link SunrisePalais Boracay - The whole compound-
Aquascooterrental available: 1500 Peso for 1 hour, 4000 Peso for 3 hours, 6000 Peso for 6 hours.

Rental agreement and cash deposit required as security.